PaaS layer

This webinar provides an overview of Service Deployment and Operation tools, including details on installation and use. It is built on top of IaaS, so it acts as a pre-requisite.

ASCETiC PaaS layer provides middleware functionality (service and SLA management) for a Cloud application and facilitates the deployment and operation of the application as a whole. Components within this layer are responsible for selecting the most energy appropriate provider for a given set of energy requirements and tailoring the application to the selected provider's hardware environment. Application level monitoring is also accommodated for, in addition to support for SLA negotiation.

The following list specifies the provided features:

  • Application deployment management taking into account specific user's deployment requirements.

  • Negotiation and management of SLAs for diverse providers making use of energy-aware cost estimation and energy consumption predictions to assess the most suitable provider in which to execute an application.

  • Injection of energy measurement probes to the deployment application transparently to the user.

  • Real-time Application Monitoring of resources that are used by a given application.

  • Support functions to enable migration of applications among providers, such as VM formats transformation.