Adapting Service lifeCycle towards EfficienT Clouds (ASCETiC) is focused on providing novel methods and tools to support software developers aiming to optimise energy efficiency and minimise the carbon footprint resulting from designing, developing, deploying, and running software in Clouds.

Extend the existing development models for green and efficient software design, supporting sustainability and high quality of service during development and execution

Develop and evaluate a framework with identified energy efficiency parameters and metrics for Cloud services

Develop methods to measure, analyse and evaluate energy consumption in software development and execution

Integrate energy and quality efficiency into service construction, deployment and operation leading to an Energy Efficiency Embedded Service Lifecycle

Latest News & Events

Dissemination, Collaboration and Standardization (Year 3)

This document summarizes all the dissemination, communication, collaboration and standardization activities performed during the third, and final, year of the project.

Testbed Status Report (Year 3)

This document describes the slightly revised and improved Y3 testbed architecture regarding integration status of the ASCETiC Toolbox components. Moreover, it also lists all processed validation and verification outcomes.

SaaS Design Tools

This webinar presents Software Design tools for energy efficiency developed in ASCETiC. They are built on top of PaaS, so it acts as a pre-requisite.

SaaS Programming Model

This webinar introduces the ASCETiC Programming Model and application runtime environment for energy use enhacement. It is built on top of PaaS, so it acts as a pre-requisite.

SaaS layer

This layer is presented into two different webinars to show the ASCETiC Programming Model and the Software Design Tools.

PaaS layer

This webinar provides an overview of Service Deployment and Operation tools, including details on installation and use. It is built on top of IaaS, so it acts as a pre-requisite.